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We have been serving the Central Florida Real Estate Market since 2001!

Josie Kassem began her real estate career over twenty years ago while a freshman at the University of Central Florida when she applied for a real estate agent ad. What intended to be a summer job has become a lifelong passion of helping others purchase real estate all over Central Florida.

“Helping someone have that spark in their eyes when they see their dream property is the best feeling in the world. Every day is different, no client or day on the job is the same and that keeps me waking up every morning loving my job so much.” From day one it has never felt like a job because I am helping people. I feel like a matchmaker seeing a person fall in love and have a deep connection with their property.

Josie’s passion for real estate and her insatiable drive for excellence are what has propelled her to the top as a leader in the Orlando real estate market, early on earning her a spot as one of HGTV’s shows guest realtors on “My House is Worth What?”. Josie’s transparency and honesty are what keeps clients coming in.

“I treat all my clients the same whether they’re buying or selling a $100,000 home or a $1 million property. My niche is the referral business. My clients’ trust is the best gift I’ve ever received. I think this has evolved because of the care and attention I give to each client. Making an impact in people’s life in one of the most important financial transactions of their lives is my motivation.”

Josie started building her clientele working in nationwide real estate companies, eventually joining a smaller brokerage firm. “My biggest joy is helping buyers who eventually become sellers and repeated buyers. I still remember one of my first clients sending me flowers with a card reading: “We found our Realtor for life! One of my favorite clients early on in my career were these newlywed couple purchasing their first home from me, years later selling it though me and then buying their second and later third home. “When a customer trusts me a second and third time is a confirmation that I am doing the right thing. I don’t shy away from any challenges. One of the most unique listings I had was a restaurant in the Tampa Bay area.”

Beyond speaking three languages, Josie is known to be very solution oriented, positive and resourceful, Josie’s competitive advantages are her exceptional customer service, the expertise she brings in staging and her biggest edge been pricing properties correctly so they generate the biggest return for her clients. “When you are in business for twenty years you build a reputation for being dependable and accountable. I attribute my success in surrounding myself with the best team. I don’t cut corners when it comes to photos, videographers, and marketing.

Having made Lake Nona her home since 2005, she is now recognized as a market expert specially with new construction. Some buyers mistakenly believe not working with a Realtor saves them money when building a home with builder but the is the opposite is true. Recently she was able to negotiate a builder down from $1.1million to $930K based on her thorough comparative market analysis. “In this strong seller’s market, I can successfully help buyer’s offers stand out, especially with the limited new construction inventory. My connections with builders throughout the years have allowed me to get updates on upcoming inventory.”

This economy has brought to Florida an influx of real estate investors benefiting from Josie’s eye to find potential properties to flip or vacation rent. “I’ve been blessed to benefit from technology to assist out of state buyers in purchasing their home and investment properties. I’m their eyes and ears scouting properties and listing the potential challenges. Having done this so many times, I can foresee the things will come up in an inspection such as potential water damage or a cracked foundation – things the buyer won’t look for but that I am able to immediately foresee.”

Why Cornerstone Trust

“My goal in becoming a real estate broker and starting Cornerstone Trust is to bring a higher level of expertise and real estate education to our clients. A broker versus a real estate agent needs to have additional years of experience, thorough background checks and more real estate education and licensing. The ultimate integrity behind a real estate brokerage house is one I wanted to offer my clients.” That stellar reputation of twenty plus year experience follows Josie Kassem to this day.

In Cornerstone, Josie Kassem has built a company based on the integrity and family values she upholds within herself. She transmits that in every transaction. Whenever there is a conflict in a transaction, she immediately seeks alternatives for her clients. “When you call me there’s no intermediary like in big real estate companies. You are with me from start to finish. I’m the concierge broker. You get me at 7am or 7pm. You don’t waste time reintroducing a problem.

A higher philanthropic purpose of Cornerstone’s mission is to be an influence in the Central Florida community and advocate for first time home buyers with affordable housing solutions. “I get multiple calls per week from buyers dreaming to purchase their first home. The inventory for the entry level homebuyer is very limited. It is my wish to be able to contribute and give back to those buyers and make their home buying dreams come true. Home ownership is a right everyone should have. The purpose for Cornerstone is to have an impact bigger than myself and contribute to people working hard and doing everything right in order to purchase their first home.”

HGTV Realtor

Appeared on HGTV’s “My House is Worth What?” highlighting Lake Nona’s NorthLake Park neighborhood.